Our Story

Growing up, my mother and my father were my favorite teachers. I thank them for the moments, hours and years they put into my development, as I know it has given me confidence, a passion for learning and a love for life.

Whether it be my mother’s nature walks to learn numbers or my father’s stories that allowed our creativity to flow – they taught me when my school couldn’t.

Nearly three decades and four nurseries later, two generations of women come together to support you and your child


What is Willow Tree Kids?

It’s 2020, and most urban families globally depend on the incomes of two working parents. But what if your child is below 6?

These are just some of the questions that we were trying to answer, as overnight our nurseries were shut down. Within 24 hours, all of our parents had to figure out a solution despite working the next day. This was even more stressful for our parents in the US that were looking at year-long preschool & elementary closures.

In comes Willow Tree Kids, a new nursery for a new normal. We are a Nursery for every Parent right in their home. It is affordable; it is personalized and scalable. It follows the principles of the customer is king, and one of the key philosophies for recruitment or service is compassion, love for children, and thinking like a child.

We are building a machine learning platform for this product that will automate personalized early years in a way that has not been done before.

Our Team

Lovita Khan & Nyla Khan

Our Co-founders

Mrs. Lovita Khan

Nearly three decades of Montessori and early years, having started a network of nurseries in the UAE.

Founder of Kids World, a network of community Montessori nurseries, Lovita’s dream is to bring Montessori to every Parent and teacher.

She is currently working on the Willow Montessori Certification for mummies, nannies, and teachers. Alongside this, Lovita is handcrafting and building wooden Montessori tools.

Ms. Nyla Khan

A decade of global experience (Brazil, New York, DC, Dubai, India) in Early Years & Montessori specialist.

Co-founder of Mirai Partners, Nyla works with governments and school operators on digital education plans, technology and bringing machine learning literacy solutions to ministries.

She is currently leading on research and curriculum at Willow Tree, including teaching your little ones.

Diahanncarroll D'souza
Head of Operations and Parent Engagement
Joelle Halaby
Head of Virtual Learning and Language
Charina Conception
Head of Willow Guides
Emily Crowe
Head of Learning & Music

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